Terms and Conditions


1.1 General Terms: these General Terms and Conditions used by YogaTrainer, as they have been published on the YogaTrainer website, www.yogatrainer.nl, can be downloaded here.

1.2 Student/Participant: the person who participates or wants to participate in a class or workshop which has been organised by YogaTrainer.

1.3 YogaTrainer b.v. is located in Eindhoven, at Marconilaan 2, 2B, 4A and 4B, and is registered in the trade register under number 17164557.

1.4 A 4 or 8-Class Pass: a 10-Class Pass, as mentioned in paragraph 3.3.

1.5 Membership: A membership as issued by YogaTrainer and paid for by the Student, for the taking of yoga and other classes at YogaTrainer.

1.6 Drop-in Class: a Drop-in Class, paid for by the Student and taken at YogaTrainer, other than on the basis of a Membership.

1.7 Website: the YogaTrainer website: www.yogatrainer.nl

1.8 Workshop: a workshop given by and at YogaTrainer.

1.9 Training: a training given by and at Yogatrainer.

2. Applicability

2.1 The General Terms and Conditions are solely applicable to all Memberships, Drop-in Classes, Workshops, Training excursions at YogaTrainer. By taking part in a Drop-in Class, Workshop, Training or Excursion, the Student agrees to the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions.

2.2 YogaTrainer remains the right to change these General Terms and Conditions. The latest version of the General Terms and Conditions is always the applicable version and can be found on the Website. YogaTrainer will communicate any pending ammendments of the General Terms and Conditions prior to publication by email.

3. Membership, 10-Class Pass and Drop-in Classes

3.1 Students can join classes based on a Membership or a 10-Class Pass. Drop-in Classes are also available.

3.2 A Membership starts when YogaTrainer has received payment from the Student of the owed membership fee.

3.3 YogaTrainer has the following Membership and Class Pass options, from which the Student can choose:

    With this membership the Student has unlimited access to all classes.
    Validity: continuous.
    The cancellation period is one calendar month. This means that the membership needs to be cancelled before the first day of the consecutive month. Cancellation can be done in two ways: 1) by email to info@yogatrainer.nl or 2) by filling in a cancellation form at our reception desk. The cancellation is definitive when you have received a confirmation email from YogaTrainer.
    This pass entitles the Student to 10 classes. The classes need to be taken within 3 months after purchase of the pass. The conditions as stated in Article 7 with regard to termination and suspension are not applicable to the 10-class pass.
    This pass can be bought by the Student and entitles to one class at YogaTrainer, to which all other membership conditions are not applicable.

3.4 Prior to each class, workshop or training, the Student must check in at the YogaTrainer reception desk. When the YogaTrainer staff member has checked the Student’s registration and payment for the class, he/she will be given a token. This token must be handed to the teacher prior to the start of the class.

4. Payment, Price changes and Trial period

4.1 A Membership, Workshop, Training or Drop-in class must have been paid for prior to the Class, Workshop or Training. Payment can be done through iDeal (online), direct debit payments or PIN. When the Student takes out a membership through the Website, the monthly membership fee for that month will be charged pro rato as well as the monthly fee for the consecutive full calendar month (i.e. the invoice amount). With the payment of this invoice amount, the Student grants YogaTrainer a direct debit mandate for all consecutive membership payments up to the moment of cancellation by the Student.

4.2 If the monthly payment cannot be drawn from the Student’s account, for instance in the event of a negative account balance or because the Student has given incorrect bank details, as well as when the Student has reversed the payment for the monthly fee, the Student will no longer be able to make online bookings as described in Article 5 of the General Terms and Conditions. The lapsed fee payments shall remain due by the Student until the Membership has been terminated in accordance with the applicable conditions.

4.3 The applicable prices for Classes, Memberships, Workshops and Training can always be found on the Website and are available at the YogaTrainer reception desk. YogaTrainer remains the right to change the prices for the classes, workshops and training, and other products and services. Advance notice of price changes will be announced at the YogaTrainer location and/or by publication on the Website and/or by email.

4.4 YogaTrainer offers new Students who take out a Membership through the Website the option to cancel the agreement within 14 days and free of charge, for instance by completing this form. YogaTrainer will then repay the Student the invoice amount as described in paragraph 4.2 pro rato and within 14 days. When the Student has not used the new Membership, the full invoice amount will be repaid. If the Student has made use of the Membership, meaning: the Student has taken part in at least one Class, the invoice amount will be repaid pro rato of the number of days after which the membership has been cancelled. The trial period only applies to new Students, meaning: Students who have taken out a Membership for the first time.

For the online booking of classes, the following conditions apply:

  • Online booking for all classes can be done from 7 days to 30 minutes prior to the start of theclass.
  • Booking can only be done online, so not by phone or at the reception desk.
  • Your booking remains valid up to 5 minutes before the start of the class. If you have not checked in by then, we assume that you are not going to join the class and we can offer the vacant spot to someone else.
  • When online booking has been closed, you can still come to YogaTrainer. We always retain 5 places for which online booking is not required. Of course you still need to be present in time, as we work with the principle ‘first come, first served’.
  • Cancellation of a booking can be done online up to 4 hours prior to the start of the class by clicking on “cancel” in your own account for the class it concerns.

5. Schedule

5.1 The applicable schedule can always be found on the Website. YogaTrainer remains the right to change the schedule at any moment. Changes in the schedule will be, whenever possible, announced at YogaTrainer, on the Website and/or by email.

5.2 YogaTrainer remains the right to cancel a scheduled class, or to change the teacher who was scheduled to give the class in case of force majeure. In such events, the Student is not entitled to repayment of (part of) the membership fee.

5.3 YogaTrainer is almost always open, but remains the right to close the school on public holidays.

6. Termination and Suspension of the Membership

6.1 The Student always has the right to terminate his Membership. Please note that this needs to be done before the first day of the consecutive month. Your membership will still be valid for this month. For instance: if you cancel before 1 January, your membership will be valid until 1 February. There will be no repayment of membership fees.

6.2 In the event of a long-term illness or injury, the Student can suspend the Membership for a maximum period of 6 months. A request for suspension must be done in writing at YogaTrainer and must include a doctor’s statement. The request can be sent by email to: info@yogatrainer.nl.

6.3 When a Student, after a previous termination, wants to take out a new Membership, then he/she will be charged with a re-registration fee of €25.

7. Participation and Payment Workshop, Training or Excursion and Registration fee

7.1 A Participant can join a Workshop or Training after YogaTrainer has received the full payment for participation of the Workshop or Training.

7.2 When the Participant wants to join an Excursion organised by YogaTrainer, a deposit must be paid no later than 60 days prior to the scheduled Excursion. The remaining amount of the total Excursion fee must be paid to YogaTrainer no later than 30 days prior to the Excursion. A Participant can only join an Excursion after payment of the full Excursion fee.

8. Workshop: Schedule and Cancellation

8.1 The applicable Workshop schedule can always be found on the Website. YogaTrainer remains the right to change the schedule at any moment. Changes to the schedule will be, whenever possible, communicated at YogaTrainer, on the Website and/or by email.

8.2 YogaTrainer remains the right to cancel a scheduled Workshop in case of force majeure. In such events, the Participant is entitled to repayment of the paid registration fee.

8.3 Up to one (1) month prior to the scheduled date of the Workshop, the Participant can cancel his/her registration free of charge. This can by done by email to info@yogatrainer.nl.

8.4 Up to seven days prior to the scheduled Workshop, the Participant can cancel his/her registration, in which case the registration fee will be repaid minus €25 administration costs.

8.5 When the Participant cancels his/her registration within seven days prior to the scheduled Workshop, he/she is not entitled to repayment of the registration fee.

9. Excursion: Cancellation

9.1 Cancellation of participating in a scheduled Excursion can only be done in writing. This can be done by email to info@yogatrainer.nl.

9.2 Up to 60 days prior to the scheduled Excursion, the Participant can cancel his/her registration free of charge.

9.3 Within 60 days prior to the scheduled Excursion, the Participant can cancel his/her registration, in which case he/she will be charged 50% of the Excursion fee.

9.4 When the Participant cancels his/her registration within 7 days prior to the Excursion, he/she is not entiteld to repayment of the already paid Excursion fee.

9.5 If the Participant, for whatever reason, is unable to participate at the start or during the Excursion, he/she is not entitled to repayment of the Excursion fee.

9.6 YogaTrainer remains the right to cancel the Excursion due to insufficiënt participants. In such events, the (partly) paid Excursion fees will be repaid to the Participants.

10. Breathing Training

10.1 With regard to the breathing training, the following conditions apply. It is not allowed to take part in any of our training while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Active use of drugs is prohibited during participation. Students suffering from psychological and/or psychiatric disorders (such as psychoses, borderline, depression, severe burn-out, etc.) are a NO-GO for our group training. In such cases, breathing training can certainly be beneficial, but we can only guarantee the required optimal safe conditions in one-on-one sessions.

10.2 YogaTrainer is not liable for the risks and consequences of participation to one of our training.

11 House Rules

11.1 All Students and Participants must adhere to the below mentioned house rules at YogaTrainer at all times:

  • Do not cause any inconvenience to the surroundings of YogaTrainer due to excessive noise on arrival or departure.
  • Do not eat during 2 hours prior to the class and do not practise yoga on a full stomach.
  • Make sure your body is clean when coming to the class and, preferably, use an odourless deodorant, and refrain from using perfume or other scents. Do not use spray can deodorants in the changing rooms.
  • Wear clean and comfortable clothing.
  • Take off your shoes before entering the studio.
  • YogaTrainer has yoga mats available for use during the classes. This mat must always be cleaned and stored by the Student after use.
  • For an optimal relaxation, Students and Participants are requested to be silent during and after the classes and Workshops while inside the studios, and only to talk quietly in the other spaces.
  • Sexually oriented behaviour of any kind will never be tolerated by YogaTrainer. The (physical) integrity of Students and Participants must be respected at all times.

11.2 YogaTrainer remains the right to deny entry to Students and Participants who, in the opinion of YogaTrainer, do not adhere to the house rules as stated in paragraph 11.1 and/or to terminate the Membership of the Student in question or to deny access to the Workshop to the Participant it concerns, without repayment of the any paid membership or participation fees.

12. Liability

12.1 YogaTrainer will not accept liability of any kind in the event of physical and/or psychological damages or injuries, loss or damages related to the participation of classes and/or Workshops, Training and/or Excursions at or organised by YogaTrainer.

12.2 YogaTrainer works with qualified teachers and will always offer classes and Workshops of the highest quality. Nevertheless, there is always a chance of sustaining an injury or damages during a class or Workshop. By participating in a class, Workshop, Training or Excursion at or organised by YogaTrainer, the Student/Participant accepts this risk of sustaining an injury and/or damages. YogaTrainer advises the following in order to minimise the risk of injury or damages:

  • Consult a doctor before starting your classes when you are uncertain about your health, or when you are pregnant.
  • When you have an injury or any other physical discomfort, be sure to tell the teacher prior to the start of the class, Workshop or Excursion.
  • Listen carefully to the instructions of the teacher and follow them.
  • Listen to the signals of your own body and be sure to act accordingly.
  • Execute the exercises carefully and be aware of your own physical limitations.
  • Do not carry out exercises that are painful.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions when you don’t understand an exercise.
  • During menstruation periods, you should not practise inverted poses.

13. Personal information

13.1 YogaTrainer collects personal information of its Students and Participants in order to keep record of its member base, for payment purposes and for the administration. YogaTrainer will take the utmost care with regard to this collection of personal information and will comply at all times to the provisions as stated in the Personal Data Protection Act.

13.2 YogaTrainer will also use the personal information as described in paragraph 13.1 to inform Students and Participants of activities organised by YogaTrainer and possible changes or adjustments in, for instance, the class schedule. If the Student does not wish to receive any communication from YogaTrainer,then he/she can inform YogaTrainer in writing by email to: info@yogatrainer.nl. The Student and/or Participant should be aware of the fact that, in such cases, he/she may not be able to utilise all services and products organised or issued by YogaTrainer.

13.3 YogaTrainer will never release personal information of Students and Participants to third parties without prior and explicit consent in writing.

14 Applicable law and dispute settlement

14.1 These General Terms and Conditions are governed exclusively by Dutch law.

14.2 Disputes relating to the General Terms and Conditions, Memberships, Workshops, Training or Excursions, or the participation in classes or purchase of products or services at or from YogaTrainer will, in the first instance, be settled by a certified mediator. In the event of not reaching a satisfactory solution for both parties by the intervention of a certified mediator, the dispute will be settled by a competent court.