Cora Verkuilen

Cora Verkuilen

My work is tough. In-depth. Confrontational. Not for Sissies.

I am. Living from my heart. That is what I do. More and more every day. I have known it for a while: working and studying, it’s allowed to be fun and it can be fun! My mission is ‘Expanding Awareness’. My work is tough. In-depth. Confrontational. Not for Sissies. But always safe, playful, conscious, and well-founded. I see you.

I do. Before the turn of the century I discovered Hatha Yoga with Nico Liplijn in Soerendonk and at the start of 2000 Power yoga and I found each other. Love at first sight. Many yoga teacher trainings, meditations and breathing exercises later YogaTrainer was created. At first, YogaTrainer was focused on company events, workshops, lessons on location and many yoga travels. In 2011 I started a small studio at Marconilaan 2 and gave all 8 lessons myself. Over the past few years we grew, and now we have 14 teachers, 4 rooms, multiple lessons a day and lessons for yoga and breathing training 365 days a year.

Breathing. With Dan Brule and Wim Hof- The Iceman. My passion is: THE BREATH. I followed my education for Transformational BreathCoach from 2010 with Breathmaster Dan Brulé ( in Capetown and Paris. I assisted him in Capetown and Lithuania and Dan Brulé always did his Teachings in the Netherlands at Yogatrainer. I am a member of the World InnerCircle of BreathCoaches, led by Dan.

In February 2013, I went on a training journey to Poland with Wim Hof, the Iceman, and there I learned the Wim-Hof method, a combination of breath training, meditation and cold ordeals. Together with a small, group, I climbed a mountain in shorts. A powerful method that I still apply every day. Working with Wim is Lifechanging.

Breathing keeps me moving. I am now following a new breathing coach education and last year I went to Poland for Biodynamic Breathwork & TraumaRelease 10-day Teacher Training.


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I give

  • Breathing Power Training
  • Breathing Training
  • Corporate Yoga
  • Liquid Yoga
  • Training for Letting Go

My education

  • Breathcoach deepening training – Capelle a/d IJssel – 2018
  • Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release - 10 days in Polen with Giten Tonkov - 2016
  • Training Wim Hof Methode at Wim Hof in Wroclaw, Polen – 2013
  • Training BreathCoach Dan Brule Foundation – 2010 / 2015
  • Yin Yoga Immersion –  2011
  • Meditation training – Innertechnology 2003/2008
  • Teenage yoga trainer at Helen Purperhart -2010
  • Toddler yoga trainer at Helen Purperhart -2010
  • Kinds yoga trainer at Helen Purperhart -2009
  • Follow-up training Yoga & Personal Yoga Training at Dasra Center – 2008
  • Teacher training Poweryoga trainer at Dasra Center (200 HRS)  – 2007
  • Reiki Master / Tera Mai Master – 2004/2005