Paul Jansen

Paul Jansen

Sweating is allowed. Taking care of yourself is a 'must'!

I am. Looking for limits and resistance, physically and mentally, to observe yourself and become wiser, more powerful and more radiant. A lot of clichés and doing things because you always do it that way. Introverted, but (almost) always swinging brightly. I am happy to excite people, surprise them and let things look differently.

I do. Through a training Mindfulness, already 9 years ago, I came in contact with yoga for the first time. It immediately grabbed me and did not let me go. First of all because of the physical sensations and the inner peace it brought me. Now … years later, it is a necessity, ideas and lifestyle that belong to me. The self-observation, empowerment in many areas and raising awareness touch me again and again and I like to share it with others.

In addition to my training courses, I also work as a pedagogue on a housing supervision project for people with intellectual disabilities. It is nice to see how my yoga skills also come in handy when guiding others. Sitting with someone for 5 minutes to catch your breath or a short stretch of your arms and shoulders can make all the difference.

For you. My lessons are primarily focused on finding your own limits and resistance. Always looking for that physical and mental limit, but with gentleness and respect for yourself. Sweating is allowed, staying sweet to yourself ‘must’.
With attention to your breath, your body and your thoughts, during my lessons you will have the opportunity to observe all corners of your body and members in search of space, air and acceptance.

I give

  • Poweryoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga

My education

  • Yoga Teacher Training (200 hrs)
  • Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Sampoorna Yoga