Liquid Breath

Liquid Breath

Breathing is awesome, and it has the most direct effect for relaxation and rest. You don’t need any skills.

Without training, we only use 30 % of our breathing capacity. Breathing trainings helps you restore your breathing capacity through exercises and techniques. If you learn to consciously control your breathing, you can consciously control your body. You will experience that your body will let go of deep toxins and can receive more energy and prana (ki, chi, life force), because of the breathing training. Deep emotions like fear, pain and sadness can also be released and disappear.

You will feel better, lighter, deeply relaxed and a lot more like yourself. Breathwork is the “Highway to Consciousness”. This is our most intense training.

*The breathing in this group session is not suitable to treat psychiatric complaints, a past of present drug problem or heart problems.



Ervaring en conditie

  • For everyone! Experience and fitness unimportant.

Fysieke inspanning

  • No: breathing training. No physical poses, only sitting/lying down.
  • Soft: deeply relaxing, meditative, calming.



Will you take the challenge?

3 months 1x per week yoga/breathing exercises for €99 or unlimited classes for €149 
We are open 7 days a week and you can join any class you want.