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The Full Program With Dan Brulé

vrijdag 17 mei 2019
Dan Brule

The Full Program With Dan Brulé

Friday17th of May – Wednesday 22nd of May

If you are a BREATHAHOLIC, you shouldn’t miss Worldbreathmaster Dan Brule. Feel free to book one or more of the events of Dan Brule.

“Don’t wait to long, because working with Dan is freaking hot! I have been so blessed myself to spend 25 days in Mexico last february, teaching Yoga and assisting Dan with hist Breathwork sessions. It was magic, this man is so gifted and is one of the most special people I have ever met. This is the 8th year he is visiting Eindhoven and I’ve never seen him so spot on. So bulls eye. Be there.  He is full on!!”
Cora Verkuilen, founder Yogatrainer

If you want to do the full program with Dan Brulé we offer you a discount.
Instead of € 1.150,- you pay € 999,- including 21 % VAT. ( € 825,- excl VAT)

Book the full program and we will add your name to all the different events.
You find the full program below and on our website. Your payment guarantees your spot.

After booking and payment you can download your invoice in Fitmanager and you receive an e-mail to confirm your booking. Watch out! If you want your company name on your invoice, write it before your first name. So in my case it would be ‘Yogatrainer, Cora’. Just so you know!

We are so looking forward to working with you!
The address of the trainings is Marconilaan 4B in Eindhoven.

Friday, 17/5, 4pm – 9pm,
Saturday, 18/5, 10am – 6pm
Sunday, 19/5 1pm – 6pm
€ 550,-

Monday 20/5, 7.30 – 10.30 pm
€ 150,-

Tuesday, 21/5 10am – 5.30 pm Breathing for business, breathing for succes,
Wednesday, 22/5 10am – 5.30 pm Breathing for love and breathing for physical and emotional healing

Monday 20/5  4 sessions  from 10 pm
Thursday 23/5  5 sessions from 10 pm 

€ 250,- Bookings through website or e-mail to Cora:

Yogatrainer has 4 group spaces. All group events will take place on Marconilaan 4B, 5621 AA in Eindhoven and all private sessions on Monday and Thursday will take place on Marconilaan 2.

The breath is like a thread and you can follow it right back to its source…. It is time for everyone who is ready to stop settling for less, stop pretending to be anything but magnificently divine…to claim our creative energies and healing powers… to awaken and to remember our purpose and mission in this life… to live love… We invite anyone who is feeling the pull of spirit, to embody our divine potential, to break through to the highest levels, to fulfil our ancient promises and manifest our ancient dreams…The energy we access through the breath can wake us up, dissolve our limitations and blocks, clean us out, lift us up, and bring us home… and as luck would have it, science is meeting spirit… we can integrate cutting edge science based breathing techniques and exercises… its time to let everything serve us in our liberation, actualisation, self-realization…

Dan Brulé is one of the founders of breath work. Over the last 40 years, he has trained over 100.000 people over 45 countries. He is a modern day teacher & healer-an innovative, unorthodox, irreverent, creative, game-changing entrepreneur. He is a master of Prana Yoga (The Hindu Science of Breath) and of Qigong (Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises). Dan is a world renowned pioneer in the field of breathwork, and leader f the worldwide Spiritual Breathing Movement. He is one of the originators of Breath Therapy, and was among the first group of Internationally Certified Rebirthers. More than 100,000 people in over 45 countries now apply Dan’s breathing exercises and techniques in their work and in their lives. Among them are Olympic champions and elite martial artists leading psychotherapists and medical experts, monks, meditators, hospice workers, yoga teachers, performing artists, personal trainers, substance abuse and pastoral counsellors health practitioners, life coaches and business executives. Dan is the author of: “A Formula for Transformation”, “The Principles of Breath Therapy”, Zen and the Art o f Breathing”, “Stress and Breathing”, “A Brief Introduction to Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises”, “The Art and Science of Breathwork’ and “Spiritual Breathing”

His latest book is “GEWOON ADEMHALEN”, the Dutch translation from “JUST BREATHE”. During the event you can buy a signed book. Bring € 20,- cash if you are interested!

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