Yoga basics serie

An in-depth yoga workshop of five sessions on Saturday morning with Joke Pluijm, which will strengthen your own understanding of yoga. Suitable for beginners to learn the basic knowledge as well as for the advanced to deepen your practice.

Each class will offer a step-by-step explanation how to build up an asana (position) and how you can adjust it to your personal physical condition. How do you execute it properly and what’s the purpose of the position? This way, each workshop class will teach you what you have to bare in mind.

But yoga is more than just poses, so we will also work on your breathing (pranayama). We will explain different parts of the yoga philosophy and chakra psychology, and how you can apply them on the mat and in your daily life.
Of course we will end each class in the usual manner with relaxation exercises (meditation).

Everything around us is made of five elements: earth, water, air, fire and space (or ether). In the yoga tradition, these elements are linked to the energy centres within our body: the chakras. During each workshop we will focus on one of the elements the chakra is linked with.


3 – 2: Fire poses
17 – 2: Earth poses
10 – 3: Water poses
17 – 3: Air poses
24 – 3: Ether poses

What are the costs?

€25 per workshop

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